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  About Us

 「 The Association of Distinguished Corporation 」 is a comprehensive platform composed of scholars enthusiastically contributing to society, corporate leaders, and commercial elites established with the goal of coalescing leaders of all ranks in society to promote social responsibility.

With the suggestion made during the “ Consumer Goods Forum 2012 ” that sustainable development is an important strategy for future enterprise growth, corporate social responsibility ( CSR ) is an important avenue for companies to achieve such sustainable development. As global development trends continue on the current course, corporate social responsibility is becoming ever more viewed as an indispensable part of company strategy. Any business that overlooks social responsibility in its strategies, systems, and business practices runs the risk of losing out to competitors. According to 2005 research conducted into S & P 500 Index companies by University of California at Berkeley, companies that gave full consideration to corporate social responsibility were without exception found to be better performing than those that did not.  It should thus be acknowledged that corporate energies will not be diverted when companies comply with a business strategy that includes responsibilities and contributions with the environment, society, and the economy. On the contrary, it will enhance the company’s positive social performance, achieving a win-win situation between the company, its clients, society, and the environment.

 In order to accelerate and encourage more companies to take the first step toward social responsibility, ADCSR holds the “ Touching CSR Award ”, it is judged by a group of community leaders and assessed by S G S Hong Kong Limited based on the ISO 26000 Clause 6 standard. Through a fair internationally standardized review mechanism, awardees are publicly affirmed for their excellence performance in the areas of corporate social responsibility. Through commendation and praise, the corporate concepts and social contributions of these enterprises can be more widely propagated and acknowledged, thereby strengthening and influencing all walks of life to fulfill their social obligations in terms of the spirit of sustainable development.